Clare Taylor C.Ht.

In 2008, I completed a full time training program and internship at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute of California.  Certification included an internship of practical experience under the supervision of instructors credentialed by the State Department of Education.I have been in private practice since 2008.  My practice includes the modalities and research of Brain Science, Neuro-linguistic programming, Dream Therapy, Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Brain Wave Sound Therapy and Kappasinian Hypnotherapy.  I also incorporate an intuitive approach, while sharing common sense and practical solutions, gained of both my training and personal life experience.Education and Certification

Clinical Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Motivation Institute, CA, USA 2008
Advanced Handwriting Analysis
Master of Therapeutic Guided Imagery
Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioner
Reiki Master Level 1
Bachelor of Design/Art - Unitech College of Design, Auckland, NZ 1998

Does Hypnotherapy Work?


'I recently received hypnotherapy treatment from Clare Taylor three times before two of my licensing exams.  She is a compassionate, talented, and intuitive hypnotherapist who exudes much warmth.  Every time I listened to her beautiful voice, I felt calm and ready to take on the challenge of my exams. I would not have made it without Clare.  She was recommended to me by my exam preparation center. I give her my highest recommendation and would seek her services again.  Clare is very gifted at her profession.' ~ Lindsay - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I scheduled an appointment with Clare before each of my licensing exams in order to address the test anxiety I was experiencing.  I found both sessions to be incredibly helpful - they relaxed and reassured me and gave me an amazing tool to work with between our appointment and the exam.  Within 24 hrs (or less) of our meeting I had an audio file in my dropbox acct of the session which I could listen to as many times as I wanted.  And listen I did; Clare's ability to focus and articulate preferred outcomes along with a beautiful relaxation protocol allowed me to prep for the tests at a much more integrated level.  I passed both of them and will be forever grateful that Clare was an essential part of that process.                                                                Maureen Donley, MA, MFT

"Upon preparing for a intensive 4-5 hour Reflexology certification exam, I came upon sudden bouts of anxiety.  There were several different sections, of this important exam, and although I felt very confident with my knowledge of some, others I wasn't quite sure about.  Hence, my fears and anxiety about passing the exam came about.  This is where I decided to contact a professional who could help me to work through and release these uncomfortable barriers.  Immediately I contacted Clare Taylor.  Her caring and confident approach with Hypnotherapy was just the help that I needed.  Several days after my session with Clare I went into the exam feeling sure and relaxed.  I passed my Reflexology exam, received my certification and was contacted by the school director with the congratulations that I had achieved one of the highest scores ever on the schools exam.  Thank-you, a million times, for your amazing help Clare!"   Tory Jeen Valach~Certified Integrated Reflexologist

" In a surprisingly brief time, Clare learned about me and utilized that knowledge after bringing me into a state of deep relaxation, something that I could rarely achieve on my own.  It became clear to me that my difficulty with relaxation clearly related to my issues with food.  After each appointment, Clare provided a CD of the session which I listened to each evening, usually falling asleep and awakening calm and refreshed.  My work with Clare helped me find ways to reel in feelings of anxiety that prompted me to soothe myself with food.  I saw her five times in about six weeks, missing my last session because of a grave health crisis with my husband.  The tools that Clare provided not only helped me weather this crisis but have continued to help me in the five months since.  I achieved and maintained the weight loss goals I’d set at the beginning of my work with Clare but even more importantly, I was helped to develop techniques for relaxation that I have come to rely on during tough times and anticipate employing throughout my life." Elizabeth Krown Spellman~Book Seller

"Clare has a gift and passion for helping people and it reflects in her caring approach to her work. It also reflects in my positive results from our sessions.  I had some bad dental work a few years back and ended up developing a speech problem as a result.  After one session with Clare, I was able to adjust and relax my jaw in a way that enabled me to speak normally again as well as improve my outlook towards future dental work.  Personally, I just love Hypnosis....after a session I always feel like I've just had an amazing deep massage, done a really good yoga class and been on the most relaxing vacation of a life time combined.  I feel relaxed, restored and re-energised."  Rhonda Mildon~ER Nurse

"Hypnotherapy is the most effective relaxation I have ever experienced allowing an incredible integration of change. Through Clare’s intuitively gifted ability to navigate through the wonders of the unknown mind, in a deeply relaxed state, she has planted the tools and skills I’ve requested to live the passions of an enriched life fully embracing all that I can be with no hesitation. To this, I now have a hyper-awareness of life’s interconnectedness and consciousness which allows me to move about the world uninhibited. Clare how do you do what you do?...... Regardless I am forever changed and blessed."  Kimberly Smith~Real Estate Manager

"Hypnotherapy with Clare has been instrumental in helping me achieve a greater depth of relaxation and feeling of calmness in my daily approach to life.  I feel very centered  with an increased sense of self and self confidence. I am now more connected to and aware of living in the present moment.  I have now utilized hypnotherapy for my issues regarding relationships, sleep, self esteem and grief.  I am now able to approach my daily challenges without being stressed and with a general sense of increased positive outcome in my life.  Hypnotherapy has had a powerful effect on my life. Reducing stress for me has proven to be a powerful anti-aging tool and many of my friends have noticed a positive change in my energy including a more youthful attitude and glow.  I used to be afraid of dating but have just signed up for online dating....and things are going well. I'm having fun!" Christine Cutbush~Feldenkreis Practitioner

 " In our first session, through a set of structured guidelines, Clare took the time to get to know me.  The session was a truly wonderful experience with lots of useful tools to digest and implement.  I felt deeply relaxed like I was floating on a sea of calm so I booked another follow up a week later.  
Before we met again, Clare lent me some reading material which so inspired me I haven't looked back since.  The anxieties that I had peeled away, my outlook on life and relationships changed almost immediately.  I found an inner calm that I had not previously experienced and I am now actively changing fundamental aspects of my day to day life in order to build a solid base to my spiritual well-being.
Clare helped me through her training, but really touched me with her personal approach and amazing intuition.  She changed my life, what more can I say."  Mark Reynolds~Oyster/Clam Farmer & Entrepeneur